Yearbook Index Letter Auction

[UPDATE 5/2/2012: Index Auction complete]

Buy a vowel at Tuesday’s Index Letter Auction!

What’s that? What are all those posters about? It’s about time you asked. They’ve been up for a month.

Anyway, if you want to be the spokesmodel for your favorite letter in the yearbook index, place your early bid in Room 104, look for Rebecca Vazquez on Facebook, or show up on Tuesday, during Nutrition and Lunch.


$5 minimum bid on a letter. If someone already has a bid, and you want to outbid them your need to increase in whole dollar amounts. So if someone bids $30, you can’t outbid them with $30.01. Step up, son! You gotta go up by at least $1.

You can  early bid on two letters at the most. If you want to buy more, you can do that at the auction.

If you are the highest bidder, but don’t pay within a week, the letter goes to the second highest bidder and a STOP CLEARANCE goes on your SCHOOL RECORD until you pay your WHOLE BID AMOUNT bid amount.

Any bid of $40 or higher must have that money paid at the student store, or in the hands of the yearbook staff AT THE AUCTION otherwise your bid doesn’t count. (Last year, someone placed a $50 bid, scaring people away, then backed out. The letter went for $5. This is a fundraiser, folks. Play fair!)

SPECIAL TOP SECRET BID TIP: Place a secret Reserve Bid. This is the highest amount that you would put up for the honor of owning your letter. It’s a secret bid, so you’ll go to Room 104 BEFORE TUESDAY’S NUTRITION, and fill out a Reserve Bid slip, place it in an envelope and cross your fingers. At the auction, we’ll announce the public bid on the letter, say $20 for the B. If you fill out a reserve bid with a maximum amount of $100, but the public bidding stops at $60, we’ll open the reserve bids. Since your reserve was higher, you will win the letter and pay $1 more than the last bid of $60. Sneaky, right? This is a great strategy if you can’t be there, or don’t want to get caught up in a bidding war.

For a look at the Yearbook Index Letter photo, open the last issue of the Portlight on our news page. The information is on Page 11 of the SLC issue.

index letter auction 2011

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