Records Are Coming Back

By Dulce Serrano

  Teenagers listen to iPods or CD players that leave parents wondering, “What happened to spending time at the record store?

  In late eighties, CD’s began to take over records and cassettes due to its high quality sound. Vinyl sales dropped, which lead the decline of many record stores throughout the country.

 “I do not like old school things, including records, because they are not that easy to take anywhere, unlike CD’s and iPods,” said Marissa Maldonado who agrees that records are old school.

That is about to change.

  According to Rolling Stone Magazine, vinyl records are making a comeback, “3.9 million records were sold last year, higher sales than 2.8 million sold the previous year.”

  For the past few years, record sales have skyrocketed, making records stores open for business. Jovan Fleytas said that he likes vinyl records because “it has an old-school sound, and it takes me back in time.”

  For the five past years, record stores throughout the country have celebrated Record Store Day in April, by releasing limited edition vinyls, reduced prices and having live performances.

  “There was a long line just to get in,” said Ulises Serrano who was at Amoeba during Record Store Day, “once you were inside, there were a lot of people searching through record bins. I bought my Exciter vinyl for just $10.”

  You do not have to for the next record store day to buy records. They can be found anywhere, from well-known record stores like Amoeba to online sites such as Ebay, Amazon, or Craigslist.

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